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"I can't imagine anyone more talented, engaging and knowledgeable than Dr.Franklin providing this important and much-loved service to the community... The audience responds warmly to Rachel's style and considers her talks to be a highpoint of an evening with us."

Baltimore Sun

"Dr. Franklin is extraordinarily gifted...Of dozens of instructors I have met, she stands out as my favorite...

Outstanding and delightful, remarkably talented, knowledgeable instructor..."

Smithsonian Campus on the Mall

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Over the past decade Rachel Franklin has developed a stellar reputation as a speaker about music. Renowned for her wit, scholarship and ability to illuminate even the most complex concert works, her gifts for communication have led to countless lecturing engagements in the region for major orchestras, concert organizations, colleges, adult education groups and many others. She has appeared frequently in such prestigious venues as the Smithsonian Institution, The Library of Congress, and the Peabody Institute, and has given over two dozen broadcasts about music for National Public Radio's "Performance Today" program.

Audiences particularly appreciate hearing her artistry as a concert pianist as she gives unique demonstrations on the piano to illustrate her points, and they rave enthusiastically about her warm and engaging style. Whether for a 30 minute pre-concert lecture, a lecture-recital, or a full-length adult outreach course, Rachel Franklin always focuses on the sheer joy and passion of great music, and how we can all make personal connections with its creative force.

Dr. Franklin is keenly aware of the need to reach out to listeners, and can offer many types of lecture-demonstrations, courses and lecture-recital packages. She also enjoys curating musical events and festivals, and all her presentations are designed to suit a wide variety of venues and audiences. She is always delighted to discuss possibilities with music-lovers and organizations.

To watch a short video clip of Rachel Franklin speaking, or to hear one of her NPR broadcasts, please click on the Downloads button on the upper left.


Smithsonian Campus on the Mall