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Master Classes, Seminars and Residencies

"The Piano Department at Levine was thrilled to have Rachel Franklin lead a master class here.....This was a truly exceptional event because all four students who performed gained so much from what she had to say, and so did those of us in the audience.....Rachel gave all of us so many things to ponder and try out for ourselves: creating space in front of the instrument, how to sit, breathe and exhale, along with a multitude of musical ideas and practical suggestions. It was the fastest, most enlightening two hours I remember spending at a master class. With her vast musical knowledge and seemingly unlimited resources, Rachel helped to bring each student to a new plateau and each left inspired and excited by the experience."

Levine School of Music
"...your exceptional work has been greatly appreciated by many talented students...Teaching young players takes a special gift and the Prep has been fortunate to have you as a dedicated member of the faculty. Many thanks for your enthusiastic commitment to Peabody. Your involvement has been an enormous asset to us....."

Peabody Preparatory, Johns Hopkins University

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Deeply committed to all aspects of teaching piano and music in general, Rachel Franklin has been a highly successful artist-teacher for many years. Her students have been accepted to major music institutions in the US and abroad, both at the undergraduate and masters/doctoral levels. In addition to one-on-one teaching, she is an exceptionally experienced chamber music coach and enjoys helping all instrumental combinations including vocal work. Dr. Franklin offers master classes and seminars on all aspects of music performance, and she also gives lectures on the art of public speaking and presentation. Her residencies can be designed to include individual instruction, group coachings and many other combinations of musical discussion and exploration, all of which work in multiple educational settings.

As with all her musical work, Rachel Franklin is dedicated to helping her students develop a rich core of confidence, and enjoyment in their progress. Humor, rigorous expectations and constant creativity are the bedrock of her teaching technique.