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Piano Studio - Further testimonials

“Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher!” 

Uses very unique and effective ways to help students engage with their music.” 

Very knowledgeable and kind. Dr. Franklin encourages students to explore piano beyond just the fingers and correct notes. She incorporates dance, breathing, soul in the music…It’s been such a blessing working with Dr. Franklin. I will definitely carry the things I’ve learned in my heart.”  

“Enjoyed having challenging lessons and learning while still having fun with piano…knowledgeable and approachable.” 

“Great teacher – really knows how to help each student improve…fun to talk to.” 

“Very positive…always strived to get the best out of her students.” 

“Very excited about the material and she is very knowledgeable. Excellent about identifying issues and coming up with strategies for fixing them.” 

“Intelligent, articulate, humorous…flexible learning structure…” 

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