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Upcoming Magnificent Movie Music series for Spring 2017!

May 4th/11th/18th: Arlington Philharmonic, “Magnificent Movie Music” lecture series

March 19th/26th/April 2nd: Temple Emanuel, Kensington “Magnificent Movie Music” lecture series

In 2014 Rachel Franklin created several lecture series on film music that generated great enthusiasm, and have led to many requests to bring this fascinating subject to new audiences. She has already presented multiple “Movie Music” lectures for the Academy Art Museum in Easton, the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra, and several other venues, and in 2015 she gave the opening presentation for the 2015 Chesapeake Film Festival to great acclaim. Here is the abstract...


"Experiencing superb movie music can have a life-long impact.

Director Alan Parker (Mississippi Burning, Birdy) stated "A great film score gets under your skin, triggers your subconscious, enhances the drama and helps drive the emotional power train of the movie."

Film music can inspire and romance us. It can make emotional statements that a script can’t convey, it can subvert a plot with a completely different subtext, and inject irony, fear or humor when there is apparently none on screen. Music can salvage a bad movie and make a good one great.

Composers such as Bernard Herrmann, Max Steiner, Ennio Morricone and John Williams have engraved iconic scenes into our collective memory with their extraordinary music, even if the rest of the movie might have faded. What’s driving our limbic system and creating those indelible cultural memories?

With fascinating film clips, witty commentary and gorgeous piano demonstrations, concert pianist and movie fanatic Rachel Franklin delves into the hidden magic of some of the greatest film music ever composed. We look at the history and craft behind the composer’s work, enjoy some Oscar-winning sounds and share great movie trivia. Fasten your seatbelts…it’s going to be a fabulous ride!"


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