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"...masterly...exciting...beautiful differentiations of color, touch and texture...On Franklin's recent Endeca CD...there is an account of the Chopin F minor Ballade that struck your reviewer as not at all inferior...to the recorded performances of Cortot and Rubinstein."

Boston Globe

"...an artist of high attainments...Franklin's is a meticulous art...nuanced, beautifully sculpted playing...impeccable fingerwork, a sensitivity to the architecture of each piece, and a wide range of dynamic gradations."

Fanfare Magazine

"Piano with panache...cool-headed bravura approach...With thoughtful execution, Franklin gave meaning to each piece."

Washington Post

Mitchell Gallery, ASO concert is twice as fun.....

"Franklin demonstrated a flawless crystalline technique and warmth and electricity in her playing..."

Baltimore Sun

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"The most striking aspect of the concert was the superb ensemble between Martin and pianist Rachel Franklin......her irridescent coloring lit the piece beautifully from within."

Washington Post

"...Franklin's intelligent and elegant performances are not likely to be surpassed."

Baltimore Sun

"Franklin played the piece beautifully, with clear textures, a singing tone...Her traversal of the fearsome coda was exciting and accurate."

Baltimore Sun

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