Rachel Franklin

“…an artist of high attainments…Franklin’s is a meticulous art…nuanced, beautifully sculpted playing…impeccable fingerwork, a sensitivity to the architecture of each piece, and a wide range of dynamic gradations.”

~Fanfare Magazine 


“…Masterly…exciting…beautiful differentiations of color, touch and texture…On Franklin’s recent Endeca CD…there is an account of the Chopin F minor Ballade that struck your reviewer as not at all inferior…to the recorded performances of Cortot and Rubinstein.”

Boston Globe


“Dr. Franklin is extraordinarily gifted…Of dozens of instructors I have met, she stands out as my favorite…” “Outstanding and delightful, remarkably talented, knowledgeable…”

Smithsonian Campus on the Mall


“It was the fastest, most enlightening two hours I remember spending at a master class…Rachel helped to bring each student to a new plateau and each left inspired and excited by the experience.”

Levine School of Music


British-born concert pianist Rachel Franklin is renowned as both a classical and jazz performer. Feeling strongly that the traditional classical recital format can offer listeners a more enriching, informative experience, her programs include demonstrations and storytelling, and embrace jazz selections in the mix. If you’ve ever sat through a classical concert and wanted to learn more about your experience, Rachel Franklin is all about changing that and helping listeners discover their personal connections with the creative force of great music.


Over the past decade Rachel Franklin has developed a stellar reputation as a speaker about music. Renowned for her wit, scholarship and ability to illuminate even the most complex concert works, her gifts for communication have led to countless lecturing engagements with major orchestras, concert organizations, colleges, adult education groups and many others. Besides appreciating her performing artistry, her audiences rave about her warm and engaging style as she gives unique illustrations on the piano.


Dr. Rachel Franklin is a highly successful artist-teacher, dedicated to helping her students explore the joy and passion of classical and jazz piano. Her experience as both concert pianist and public speaker enables her to bring a uniquely broad professional vision to her lessons with intermediate/advanced players of all ages. She also has decades of experience preparing students for success in Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music exams, or ABRSM. Humor, high expectations and constant creativity are the bedrock of Rachel’s teaching technique.

SPEAKING OF Rachmaninov

Piano concerto No. 2 in C minor. Part 1

Sergey Rachmaninov’s celebrated 2nd piano concerto – a tale of fiery, heart-pulping music, staggering pianism, youthful self-absorption and…hypnotism? It’s 1900 in Moscow. Find out how a man with a face like a gangster and fingers of tungsten composed one of the world’s most adored piano pieces, along with the secret help of his therapist. In this first of three segments we take a look at why Rachmaninov’s music affects us so deeply, and reach an obvious conclusion: never listen to critics…they can mess with your mojo.

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